July 13
Good morning Phil,
We love our new windows!

June 21
Phil, this will work perfectly. We deeply appreciate you taking the time to look into this.
We would still like some bathroom work done. It would need to be done soon, but if you want the job, it’s yours.
Thanks again


​June 14
Phil, you’ve been a godsend. We’ll take it from here. Many, many thanks.


May 23rd
Thanks so much! You guys just rock and the door finally works properly. Robin.

May 23rd…
Thanks Phil,
It all looks great.
thanks again,
Julie & Jim


May 15th
Phil, I appreciate the time you spent reviewing my various projects – not only did you ensure you understood my needs / objectives but you made suggestions for better / less expensive ways to get the jobs done. However, what I really appreciated were the suggestions you made that would take the projects to the next level.

Again, thanks for taking the time with the small and even smaller jobs. It was nice to be able to have one stop shopping for the various “opportunities” – from the patching of the garage ceiling to the powder room “remodel.” While initially disappointed that the powder room “remodel” was not appropriate for [ ] Home Services – I am now pleased that hopefully I can get all my jobs done by one service.


May 9th Hi Phil, Thanks for the great job.


May 3rd
Thanks Phil. You guys did excellent work.


March 3rd Hello Phil – thanks for the Invoice and we can mail it today … thought you may stop by to see the = Wonderful Job = your crew did as they installed the two slider doors – we are very pleased + thanks once again
Jackie & Dave


Feb 8
Good afternoon,
Thank you guys so much for coming out today and getting that tv taken care of! It looks wonderful. I appreciate your help in working that out and so quickly.


Angie’s 2017 verified reviews:    Free to sign up/view:   https://member.angieslist.com

The new door and windows are energy efficient and we could feel the difference immediately. The workmen were always on time, professional, and polite. Routine Maintenance has done quite a lot of work in our home over the years; the work was always done extremely well and the cost has always been competitive. It is often so difficult to get workers to show up on time, or at all, this has NEVER been the case with Routine Maintenance. They show when they say, they do a great job, and they are priced right. I definitely trust them in my home and will continue to use them in the future.

Overall work was very well done. Phil and Paul a pleasure to work with. Great help with ideas and suggestions. Team lead by Dustin worked well to handle all three projects over a few months.


I have used Routine Maintenance for approximately 20 years. They are reliable, do a good job at a multitude of different tasks. They are even installing Simonton Windows! Call them …you won’t be disappointed. I have recommended to friends and they have been pleased with the work as well.


Excellent! Considering what this company had to endure due to some unforeseen delays by elements of which they had little control I would give them an “A+! It wasn’t just about the product or services they performed it was the people that made it a truly enjoyable experience.

In today’s world it’s difficult if not almost impossible to find a company that really cares about you. I’ve always considered the finished product very important but what is more important is the care afterwards. They performed way “outside the box” when it was necessary. They do exactly what they say they are going to do and then stand behind their work without question. Character, credibility and integrity seems to be the very backbone of this company. I wouldn’t hesitate for a second to recommend them to perform any services they provide. I can sleep at night and there’s a lot to be said for that!


Routine Maintenance responds quickly, shows up on time, performs quality work, sends pleasant, professional workers, and guarantees their work. Their prices are a little higher than your fly-by-night maintenance people, but if you’re looking for quality work that you can trust, they are the folks to call. They finished quite a bit of work in a short amount of time because I was trying to fix up a house and move into it. They prioritized and finished the most crucial jobs first. I was extremely pleased.


From the estimate to the final work done, everything was handled in a timely and professional manner. Work was checked daily and we were kept informed of progress and pending work to be completed. We were completely satisfied. There were several other issues going on and we were very satisfied with the way their work continued and stayed “on-task” to completion.

Description of work:

Routine Maintenance Inc. repaired window sills, wood damage and moldings as well as replaced old windows on a large portion of our home. Every part of the work done was very professional, timely and cost efficient.


I have used Routine Maintenance for over ten years. They always do excellent work and I trust them
completely. So when I had some rotting around a window I called them. The workman was polite and
professional. He was totally focused on the job and didn’t waste any time. I was very pleased.


Jan 2018

The guys did a great job on the door.  Well worth the wait.


Dec 2017

Thank you Phil, Have not been home to see the work yet, but no doubt all is well.

Thank you again for great service.


Dec.  2017

It looks really nice out back


Nov 2017

Thank you for doing a great job.  We love our windows. Happy Holidays to you and your team


Oct 2017

Thanks for the work!


Sep 2017

Hey Phil,

I love the mailbox now.  Thanks he did a great job.

Thanks again! Pam

Sep 2017

Thank you very much!


Sep 2017

Great job on the work!



Sept 2017

Phil or Paul,

Thanks again. I am always pleased with the work done and the people who do the work.

Sep 2017

The guys did a fantastic job!

Thanks again.


Sep 2017

My Mom said Steve and Paul’s son were very nice and professional.


Sept 2017

Laundry room turned out nice!


Sep 2017

Thank you! Love our new windows!


Aug 2017

Hi Phil,

Thank you for getting your staff on our repairs so quickly. Steve and Donnie (?) were very efficient and engendered confidence the job was in good hands window replacement.

Based on current performance you have my endorsement!



Aug 2017

Hi Guys,

Your crew has done a great job so far.

Aug 2017

Hi Phil,

Thank you and the team


Aug 2017

Thank you for the additional work on our 2 back windows.  We appreciate all your hard work and look forward to doing business in the coming years.


Aug 2017

Work is good!  Guys were great!



August 2017

You’re the best Phil thank you. I really appreciate that you will get this done. Have a great Friday



Thanks!  We think they did a great job.


July 2017

Thanks!  I love it!


July 2017

We were very happy with the results!


July 2017 Hi Phil –


I hope you’re well.  First of all, I want to let you know that Fred and his assistant were excellent and provided quality service.

Appreciate your business and will be happy to use you all in the future and refer you.





Steve did a great job for us today pressure washing.  Nice guy as well.


June 2017

Hi, Phil! Thank you for the detailed invoice. Everything looks great


Please tell Fred and Charles that I appreciate their kindness. And thank you to Paul for fixing the protruding nails in the framed mirrors! It looks great.


June 2017

Hello Phil (also copying this to Paul),

Thanks for the invoice and the PDF itemization of the work done at our

home. It has been a pleasure to work with Routine Maintenance.

Paul has been incredible in every aspect of the project – so helpful

and easy to work with in every phase.  We are so glad we chose

Routine Maintenance, and so thankful for Paul’s expertise and his

diligence to stay on top of the progress each day.  We are grateful for his

standard of excellence in the end-product and in his people-skills, keeping

us informed, his awareness of necessary changes and his always willing

cheerfulness to answer our questions – a great blend of technical expertise

and customer service.


Dustin has also been a wonderful leader and great to work with. He

is a superior craftsman and a pleasure to have in our home.  With each

member of your team, Dustin was able to maintain a consistent work

flow while working well with whoever assisted him.  We are very pleased

with the entire job and so glad that Dustin was able to work with us

through the entire process, to be patient when fielding our questions

and to find resolutions for all of the unexpected things that naturally come

with a remodel.  Thank you for the staff you employ – all very polite,

conscientious and helpful, and for the insight leadership Dustin provides,

coupled with great people skills and creative thinking when there

is not blueprint for a job such as ours.


June 2017

Thanks Phil!  Our guys did a fine job!


April 2017

Good evening Phil, The guys were here and id a fantastic job om the trim.  Thanks!


April 2017

Thanks! Everything went well and looks fine.


April 2017

Thanks Phil, for handling quickly.  Peace of mind for us to finish our sale. Will be sure to let anyone know to use Routine in the future.

April 2017

Phil, this is a much better price than I had and I appreciate you getting this to me quickly. Please proceed and let me know.


Mar 2017

The guys did a great job.  Requesting these guys do the painting. Thanks Brent.

Feb. 2017


Thank you!

I just want to let you know how much I appreciated your crew.  Although I did not meet them personally, my sons and my neighbor did; I was told how professional, detail-oriented, and respectful they both were.  I was SO impressed to find out that they put my blinds and curtains back in place–what a pleasant surprise when I got home after a long day at work!!!

I will definitely keep Routine Maintenance in mind for future projects.



Mar.   2017

Phil, Thanks you for the great job your crew did on my house!  I appreciate their promptness and courtesy you and your crew displayed-I will certainly call you again.



Thanks for so very much for making things right.  Steve & Paul deserve a raise!


Mar 2017

Our deck looks like the “center fold” of Good House Keeping magazine! What a job they did! I so much appreciate what you did for us. Make sure those that participated on the “job from hell” understand our degree of satisfaction with both their endurance and professionalism. Please, don’t ever hesitate to use us as a reference.

Phil & Paul –
Thank you for the recent work you did on our home. I really appreciate your guidance & help. I was impressed at your quick response to the small problem we had.

November 21 2016
Thank you for the help!

December 16 2016
You guys did a great job!!

November 11 2016
Great work by Fred & Richard. Fred is an outstanding master of his craft and wonderful to work with. We have more projects for you and look forward to working with you, Paul, Fred and Richard again. Awesome work
Thank you,

December 2016
I would like to tell you the gentlemen  that performed the work were great. Nice guys and good work. Tell them thanks.

November 9 2016
The fence looks great! I am very pleased.

November 17 2016
Thanks for the great job guys.  Please thank your crew for me. They were very professional, friendly and knowledgeable.

I just wanted to say thank you. The windows are great and the guys who did the work were wonderful.

January 3 2017
Please add me to the list of people who can provide a recommendation. Fred & Richard just did exemplary work.

January 11 2017
Thank you Phil, Dustin and Brian who did an excellent job. We’re very happy with the results.
Paul M.

November 8 2016
Thank you Phil! Your crew was very polite. did a great job and left the property clean. Very much appreciated!

November 3 2016
Thanks for the quick response. Our concerns have been taken care of. Everything turned out well.

October 29 2016
I appreciate the work and generosity of spirit that you and your team represent.

October 13 2016
LOVE the bathroom.

November 9 2016
Thanks for all the help! I am putting together my list of projects for next year.

November 9 2016
We are both very pleased with the work done. You will probably hear from us again. Thank you.

October 12 2016
Thank you for all of Fred and Steve’s work on our home. I appreciate it.

October 14 2016
Thank you, the drive way looks good!

July 22 2016
We just want to thank you all for your help and the excellent work and service we have received from you and your entire crew over the past 5 years we’ve lived in Peachtree City.  We wish you both a lot of success.

July 5 2016
Thank you for helping me repair my house!

July 8 2016
Thank you both for the extra effort in taking care of all the last minute details. We really appreciate your help.

September 9 2016
You guys did a great job and we are very pleased with the porch. We have some friends who will be contacting you for some deck work

August 26 2016
What a first class operation. I really appreciate you and Paul coming by each day. Your guys have been awesome.

August 18 2016
We appreciate the good work
Jim A.

August 2 2016
Thanks, great work!

January 29 2016
Steve did a great job.

Good job!

Thank you! The house looks great

September 22 2016
The guys just finished and I’m happy with their work.

September 21 2016
Appreciate the work. Fred is a great guy.

August 8th 2015
Thanks for the good job.

Sept.  2015
The guys did a great job on the repair.  Thanks for the quick fix Phil, I appreciate it

Oct. 2015
Phil,  Thanks for another great job!
Dave & Bernadette

Nov. 2015
I am very pleased with the entire staff.

Dec 2015
Thank You Routine Maintenance!
You guys did a great job.
Clem & Debbie

Dec 2015
Thanks for helping me with my drawer.  Your employee was very diligent & professional.  My wife is happy now.  🙂

Dec.  2015
The guys did a great job yesterday and the repairs look good!

Jan 2016
Great Work!
Excellent Crew!
Your folks did an excellent job.

Jan 2016
Thanks Phil!
We appreciate your service.
The guys did very good.

Feb. 2016
Thanks for your hard work!

Feb. 2016
Good job.  I appreciate it

Mar 2016
Thanks so much for the great job!

Mar 2016
You quoted a job to paint my house and I went with another guy.  They were way less expensive on the deck and it swayed the whole quote.  It has not held up well and I wanted to let you know you were right.  Also we have had terrible luck with consistency and reliability of several local handymen.  I need some deck repairs, wood rot repairs, gutter cleaning, and a few other odd and ends done.  I read your great reviews on Angie\’s List last night which reinforced what I already thought.  You guys are pretty solid and care about the customer.  You can have the job and this time I\’m not bidding it out.  Treat me fair and there will be plenty more to come.


April 2016
Thanks for doing the work!  It looks great!

April 2016
Everything looks good.  Love the way the fence turned out.

April 2016
Thanks Phil & Paul!!!

April 2016
I am 100% satisfied and then some.  The window turned out better than I expected.
The tile work looks gorgeous.  The main installer (sorry I forgot his name) is a gifted craftsman.

May 2016
They did a nice job on the door!

May 2016
As always your work is outstanding and I am a very satisfied customer.

June 2016
We are extremely pleased with the work and love our new bedroom!  The entire process was great from start to finish.  Your crew did a great job the entire time they were working in our house.

We will definitely let you know when we are ready for our next home project.

Thanks again!


Looking forward to another fine Routine Maintenance project.  You know I am a good reference for you guys, right?  Mitch March  15th 2015

We are enjoying our new windows… Your crew did a great job in keeping the debris to a minimum and cleaning up afterwards… We appreciate your service, will definitely keep you in mind for further projects and recommend you to others in the community.  Don  Feb. 11th 2015

Thanks again, Phil.   Rob  Feb 7th 2015

Congratulations, Routine Maintenance  has received 2 A rated reviews from Angie’s list members in the past 60 days.  You qualify to be on our honor roll page… Angies list.  Feb. 3rd 2015

Phil, The porch is beautiful and you guys did a great job… Evelyn  Feb. 7th 2015

Thanks for painting the bathroom!  Tiffany  Jan 2015

On behalf of Shop with a Sheriff, I can not thank you enough for your support to our organization… Jan.  2015 Sheriff Barry Babb (Fayette County)

Everything looks great!  Best. Rob.  Jan 8th 2015

Phil, we were very happy and impressed the job Steve did in 3.5 hours.  Thanks again to you and Steve.  We will see you in Jan. for another job… Mickey & Angie  ~Dec. 31, 2014

Phil, Thanks for all your help…. greatly appreciated.  December 29th 2014

Thank you for the excellent work that helped me sell my home. ~ JB. December 3, 2014

Dear Phil,  Thank you for your continued support. We appreciate your dedication to our work and impacting our natural environment. Thanks so much. ~ Pam. December 3, 2014

Dear Phil, Thank you for the good work. ~ James O. November 25 2014

Phil, Thank you for the good work your team did. ~ Lana W. November 21,2014

Dear Phil, Thanks again for all the help you gave us. ~ Jean and Larry  W. November 19, 2014

Thanks again guys! Good job.~  Lila and Kay S. November 18, 2014

Thank you Mr. Prebor for getting my problem fixed so quickly. ~ Ken P.  November 18, 2014

Hi Phil, I wanted to let you know I appreciate your time and effort. You are a true professional. Thank you so much. ~ Erin P.  November 17, 2014

Thank you. ~ Dana C. November 17, 2014

Thank you for your services. ~ Bruce E. November 03, 2014

Thanks for your immediate response and great work! ~ Douglas and Sonia T. October 31, 2014

Steve – Thank you so much for the great job on the bedroom sill and the kitchen window. Love it.~  Pam H. October 28, 2014

Dustin – Thank you so much for your hard work. I love the job guys did. And thank you for hanging the garage curtains. I love it. ~ Pam H. October 28, 2014

Thanks Phil, Paul and Team for all your work. ~ Greg & Christine G. October 18, 2014

Hi Phil. Your guys did a great job – always on time and professional. ~ Martha K. October 16, 2014

Thanks for all your work. ~ Vicki F. October 13, 2014

Phil & Paul, Thanks again for all your work. ~ Jean and Larry W. October 5, 2014

Thanks for all you did. ~ Sandra G. October 2, 2014

Thank you.  We appreciate it. ~ Lisa D, October 2, 2014

Steve did a fantastic job and as always I am grateful for your quick and thorough work! Thank you!! ~ Mary W. October 3, 2014

Thank you for a job well done. ~ Caroline H. September 8, 2014

Great job. Floor seems rock solid No more jiggles. ~  Steve M. September 6, 2104

Hi Phil. Thanks for the quality work. ~ William H. September 2014

Steve did a great job.~  Robin D. August 29, 2014

Many thanks for everything. ~ Cynthia. August 2014

Thank you for all your hard work on our behalf. ~ Chris and Dan S. August 15. 2014

Thanks Phil. I appreciate your help on this. I never dreamed a headboard could be so heavy! ~ Eleanor D. August 14, 2014

Hi Phil. Thanks for getting the work done so quickly and your guys were great. I am very satisfied with the work and professionalism.  Thanks so much. ~ Al G. August 12, 2014

Thanks for all your work, it all looks great. ~ Mary T. August 2014

We were very pleased with Steve’s work and would recommend him and/or have him work for us again. Thank you ~ Connie and Quinn. August 7, 2014

Thank you Phil. They did a wonderful job. ~ Mary M. August 13, 2014

Thanks for all your hard work!  it all looks great.  ~ Mary.   July 29th 2014

Dear Phil. Just a note to compliment you on your employees’ work performance and also their courteous professionalism. Job well done! Thank you. ~ Jeff and Charlene W. June 27, 2014

Thank you for the good work in repairing the deck. ~ John W. June 17,2014

Thank you. ~ Sam. June 2014

“Thanks again for the reminder and the great work you completed at my residence.” ~ Janine F. June 12, 2014

Thank you for a good job. Jerry P. June 11, 2014

“Thank you so very much. I am very pleased with your service.” ~ Evelyn B. May 16 2014

“Thanks, Phil. As always, it is a pleasure to work with all of you!” ~ Mary W. May 23 214

“Hi Phil. Thank you very much for your help today! Much appreciated. Once again you are a life saver. ” ~Mel R. May 15, 2014

“Dear Phil. We appreciate your work.” ~Kyle. May 6,2014

“Morning, Phil. Thanks for all the work. Everything looks great!” ~ Mitch W. May 5, 2014

“Phil/Paul, Everything looks great! Thanks for doing such a professional job.” ~ Rob. May 2014

“Thanks for service and honesty. As they were leaving, Steve noticed that they had missed a vent and returned to take care of it. He could have easily left and I would have never noticed. I will keep you in mind for future jobs.” ~ Joanne S. April 27. 2014

“Phil and Paul. Thank you so much for sending Dustin over to repair the bathroom walls. He did a great job and cleaned up the area very well. He is a very polite young man.” ~Christine J. April 24, 2014

“Thank you for your help in making repairs at my house. Fred and Steve did a good job. I would be happy to recommend your company to friends that also need help.” ~ Sandra S. March 26, 2014

“Thanks for your great work again. The window seems to be healing nicely.” ~ Kathy S. January 16, 2014

“Hey Phil. Want to thank you for the excellent job and the wonderful crew you sent over!! I am looking forward to be doing future business with you. Sincerely, Lilly H, December 2013.”

“You guys did a great job”  ~ Edith thank you note 11/1/13

“Thanks so much, Now I know where to turn when I have routine repair jobs.”   ~Ann – thank you note 10/18/13

Dustin and the other guys did a good job. I appreciate their work.”   ~Jim 10/14/13 e-mail

“You are very understanding and willing to listen to the customer. I have absolutely no problem speaking up for your company…I have two neighbors that indicated that they are going to contact you for an estimate and work.”                                                                                             ~Gary from e-mail sent 10/15/13

“Evaluation positive. The only thing better would’ve been if they would have worn a black tux.”       ~Don 10/04/2013 e-mail evaluation

“Wonderful job as usual.”                                                                                                                 ~Linda – handwritten note 10/10/2013

“Great job!!! Please use me as a reference if needed. I have some other jobs that need to be done and I’ll be calling you!! Thanks Phil!!!

~Donald e-mail sent 10/03/13

“Thank you for the fine work by your team.”                                                                                    ~Michael  e-mail sent 10/03/13

“Thanks, Phil. I really appreciate the good and honest job you and your crews do.”                        ~Greg e-mail sent 9/30/2013

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